Episode 29: “Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is”

Businesswoman La Detra White is more than a successful communications marketing consultant — she has dedicated her life to serving others to see their entrepreneurial dreams not only come to fruition, but to thrive! She recently started the “Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is” project that encourages communities to support small businesses. Charlie Lewis talks with White about how she’s reached over four million people through the movement and her ambushes, which provide financial seeds for businesses to grow. She says everyone can be philanthropic by “looking for that one person who hasn’t had a come up!”

For More Information:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnTSime9Dvh9kG-d0NsJl_A
Instagram: @PuttingMyMoneyWhereMyHeartIs/
Facebook: La Detra White
Blog: liveyourawesomelife.com
Website: www.LaDetraWhite.com
LinkedIn: La Detra White