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“Join us as we discuss Janine’s success as a show runner and executive producer on popular shows such as Claws and Netflix’s Self Made: Madam CJ Walker, as well as her new show on OWN, The Kings of Napa.” Janine Sherman Barrois – On IG @JanineShermanBarrois

Join us as we discuss methods to inspire communal encouragement, as well as Dr. Jones’ work as an engagement specialist where she empowers people to find their truth, while also helping them to elevate in that truth and finally what she believes is the best way to “Love The Way You Live!” Dr. Nicole Evans Jones, EdD – On IG @SpreadLoveInstead

Join us as we discuss mental health awareness, the impact of relationship violence, and the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Conversation with Nadja Bellan-White – Chief Marketing Officer for Vice Media Group On IG @whitenadja

Mortgage Broker, Maxwell Rosa joins Charlie to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting mortgage industry. Considering that interests rates are so low…is it a good time to refinance, or not?

The subject of nursing home care can be a controversial and often heated topic, but it’s one that families should discuss so everyone is on the same page about expectations. Melanie Felton is a physical therapist with over 15 years of experience in Home Health Care. We discuss how to start the conversation with your […]

Have you ever ordered a drink and found yourself telling the bartender all of your business? Well you’re not alone! We’ve all had moments of diarrhea of the mouth, but L.D. Morrow has turned those experiences into teachable moments. In her new book “Think Like A Bartender,” Morrow shares some of her personal barstool discussions over the […]

There’s nothing like conversing with someone who knows your language, and Charlie is talking about real estate with another agent who loves to live for the deal. Nina Klemm is one of the stars of BRAVO TV’s “Flipping Exes.” This former fashion stylist shares her journey in the industry, from design, construction, and the newest […]

Okay…the title may leave you wondering what’s this episode all about, but you may not realize that this is a legitimate question that a lot of people don’t know, much less realize there are different toilet heights. As technology and design elements improve, there’s never a bad time to step up your bathroom game. In […]

There are so many options when it comes to the style of home you may want to buy, but you have only two types of purchases – new development or resale.For some, the idea of starting from scratch and building a home from the ground up is intriguing. And then there’s buying what already exists. […]