Cocktails & Conversations with Charlie Lewis ft. Janine Sherman Barrois

“Join us as we discuss Janine’s success as a show runner and executive producer on popular shows such as Claws and Netflix’s Self Made: Madam CJ Walker, as well as her new show on OWN, The Kings of Napa.”

Janine Sherman Barrois – On IG @JanineShermanBarrois

Cocktails & Conversations with Charlie Lewis ft. Dr. Nicole Evans Jones

Join us as we discuss methods to inspire communal encouragement, as well as Dr. Jones’ work as an engagement specialist where she empowers people to find their truth, while also helping them to elevate in that truth and finally what she believes is the best way to “Love The Way You Live!”

Dr. Nicole Evans Jones, EdD – On IG @SpreadLoveInstead

Cocktails and Conversations with Charlie Lewis ft. Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson!

Join us as we discuss mental health awareness, the impact of relationship violence, and the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Cocktails & Conversations with Charlie Lewis ft. Nadja Bellan-White!

Conversation with Nadja Bellan-White – Chief Marketing Officer for Vice Media Group

On IG @whitenadja

“Caring for the Elderly”

The subject of nursing home care can be a controversial and often heated topic, but it’s one that families should discuss so everyone is on the same page about expectations. Melanie Felton is a physical therapist with over 15 years of experience in Home Health Care. We discuss how to start the conversation with your loved ones; if home or outside heath care, like a nursing home, is the best option; how to select an in-home nurse or facility; elder costs, and so much more. Join the conversation to learn more about how you and your family can Love The Way You Live in your golden years!

Twitter: @altseniorcare Facebook: Life Balance Home Care Instagram: @skeemel  Snapchat: melfe15 Website:


Have you ever ordered a drink and found yourself telling the bartender all of your business? Well you’re not alone! We’ve all had moments of diarrhea of the mouth, but L.D. Morrow has turned those experiences into teachable moments. In her new book “Think Like A Bartender,” Morrow shares some of her personal barstool discussions over the years, and the lessons learned along the way. From chapters like Masterbait to Mix Well With Others, she uses the right ingredients of wisdom and comedy to help you live your best life! So, sit back with me to sip, talk, and learn about how these new “cocktales” are tried and tested recipes for success. 

Instagram: @thinklikeabartender. YouTube: Think Like a Bartender: Recipe for life – Book Facebook: @thinklikeabartender Website:

S3: Episode 1: “Getting Your House In Order”

There’s nothing like conversing with someone who knows your language, and Charlie is talking about real estate with another agent who loves to live for the deal. Nina Klemm is one of the stars of BRAVO TV’s “Flipping Exes.” This former fashion stylist shares her journey in the industry, from design, construction, and the newest trends in essential home goods. You may be amazed to hear about the differences between the east coast and Midwest real estate markets, but at the heart of it all, these two agents come together to share their unique perspectives about home buying, staging, and even flipping. But make sure your financial house is in order so you can be a bona fide player in this investment game!

Facebook: @FlippingExes
Instagram: therealninaklemm 
Twitter: @IndyRealtyQueen Community Service Project:

S2: Episode 9: “What Size Is Your Toilet?”

Okay…the title may leave you wondering what’s this episode all about, but you may not realize that this is a legitimate question that a lot of people don’t know, much less realize there are different toilet heights.

As technology and design elements improve, there’s never a bad time to step up your bathroom game. In fact, behind kitchens, your bathroom is the number two area that potential buyers will scrutinize to determine if you get that full asking price. Let’s talk about the growing bathroom trends, styles, and yes, toilets, to make sure you’re sitting pretty when you go to the throne.

S2: Episode 8: “New, or Resale”

There are so many options when it comes to the style of home you may want to buy, but you have only two types of purchases – new development or resale.For some, the idea of starting from scratch and building a home from the ground up is intriguing. And then there’s buying what already exists. Sometimes the bones are good, sometimes not so much. We discuss the pros and the cons of new development versus resale, to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

S2: Ep. 7 – “The Amazon Effect”

Cities across the nation gave Amazon their best pitch as to why they should build their second headquarters in their town. Who wouldn’t want 50,000 plus new jobs?From tax incentives to promises of new housing and public transportation improvements, Amazon was being wooed like nobody’s business.

The Top 20 cities were whittled down to not one, but two locations — Crystal City, Virginia and Long Island City in Queens, New York.However, in a surprising twist a few months after the announcement, Amazon yanked HQ2 from Queens, leaving many disappointed. I discuss some of the reasons why The Amazon Effect has to be closely scrutinized — sometimes the good a company brings to an area is outweighed by the bad.

S 2: Episode 6: “Real Estate Renaissance”

Have you noticed a lot of development in the city or town where you live? You’ve probably asked yourself, ‘what’s going on’? All across the country, homes, condos and apartment complexes are being built in what feels like rapid fire. A lot of that growth is happening in areas that have seen substantial blight over the years, if not decades. While educational and retail services also improve, some call this growth gentrification — the age-old cycle of pushing the ‘have-nots’ out. I know this is a very emotional subject for a lot of people, but listen to my take on this real estate renaissance, that’s happening whether you like it or not.

S2: Episode 5: “Peak Travel”

My tour of Asia wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Hong Kong filled with skyscrapers that will have you looking up for days!!! I love this urban center with its great shopping, and of course, food! The Dim Sum was some of the best I’ve ever had! From the high-speed rail system to Victoria Peak, this colony in southeastern China must be added to your bucket list. While I traveled with a group, I also got a chance to go it alone, which is important to really unwind and reconnect to your soul. So pack your bag — only one that fits in the overhead bin — and learn why you should spend that checked baggage money on some travel insurance, to experience vacation at the highest level.

S2: Episode 4 – “Are You Ready To Sell?”

The process of selling your house, condo or townhome is more than just finding an agent and putting a “For Sale” sign in your yard. First, you have to do your work!
It starts with asking and answering a few questions about why you’re selling and how aggressive you want to be. But wait, there’s more! From decluttering your home to preparing for the appraisal and inspection, I share my tried and tested tips to get you ready to sell, so you can change the sign to SOLD!

S2 – Ep. 3 – “Real Estate, Ready!”

“If you’re like me, I’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions over my lifetime. However, as I’ve matured, they’ve become less about resolutions and more about creating emotionally, spiritually and financially sound decisions that last for more than a moment, but become part of my ability to love the way I live for a lifetime.

As a lifestyle real estate broker for almost two decades, I know that one of the most lucrative investments that assists you in realizing your financial potential is buying and selling real estate. It not only can be part of your personal wealth building portfolio, but it can pass through the generations. But before we get ready for legacy building, I want to make sure you’re equipped with vital information to make sure you succeed… From saving to the pre-approval process, and how to be ready for the competition.

Let’s get real estate, ready!

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S2 – Episode 2: “Good Morning Vietnam!”

When you hear the word “Vietnam,” it’s natural to follow that with the word “war.” It was a controversial political, social, and economic period in the world that still draws much discussion about U.S. involvement. Now, Vietnam is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, offering a cultural and educational journey that not only honors the past, but gives you a rich perspective of how the country is moving forward. This is another destination that touched my soul!

Season 2 Premiere! – “Tokyo Bound”

We’re back for a second season of “Love The Way You Live with Charlie Lewis.”  Join me as I share my true passions, both personally and professionally.
We’re going to talk about all things travel and real estate this season, with special guests along the way.

I’ll take you on a journey around the world, giving you the inside look based on my experiences, that educates and informs with a lot of fun and laughter along the way.
So to get started… how about Asia?

I just returned from what I consider to be one of the most amazing trips ever. It actually changed my life and my perspective on so many issues.
Our first trip is to Tokyo, ranked as the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. From the traditions, cuisine, and the people, I will never be the same!
Get ready to buy your plane ticket and pack your bags for an adventure that you must put on your bucket list!

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Love The Way You Live with Charlie Lewis – Season 2 is Here!!

Love The Way You Live with Charlie Lewis is back!  We look forward to having you listen every Wednesday… beginning January 16th!

Episode 44: “Summertime Travel”

Yolanda Carroll is a wanderlust-filled traveler and experience seeker while also being an accomplished professional with more than 20 years of diverse business experience. Her mantra that she lives by is “I Work to Live; Not Live to Work.” She has traveled to 6 continents and 66 countries and counting with only 1 continent remaining, Antarctica. Her passions, in addition to traveling and experiencing new cultures as much as her schedule will allow, are community advocacy (serving on several non-profit and municipal boards) and social justice, attending music festivals and sporting events, and having sinfully caloric meals with an amazing craft cocktail in every city she visits!

Join Charlie as he and Yolanda discuss the revitalization of “The D” (Detroit, MI), International Travel Tips, Travel Gadgets, and so much more!

For more information about Yolanda Carroll:

Instagram: tiffanieblue


Episode 43: “The Show Must Go On”

In this age where social media can make or brake your brand, the foundation always begins with a media savvy professional who knows how to successfully create a holistic campaign! Angela Renee Coakley has been doing that for decades working with companies and artists like Pepsi, Lipton and John Legend. This manager and producer is also in front of the camera as host of the B-Reel entertainment segment on BRIC TV’s BK Live!  Join me for this inspirational conversation about how her career accidentally started after helping a friend facilitate an event while on vacation!

For More Information about Angela Renee Coakley:

Twitter: @MsAngelaRenee
Instagram: Ms_AngelaRenee

Episode 42: “Long Gallery Harlem”

Not all artists are given the opportunity to showcase their work, but Lewis Long is changing the gallery landscape as owner of Long Gallery Harlem. Since 2012, he has presented 25 exhibitions with nearly 70 artists — and growing!

By providing an opportunity for artists to showcase their talent, other doors are opening for them, including landing in the collections of Princeton University, Studio Museum in Harlem, and numerous private collections. We have a riveting conversation about the power of art and the creative geniuses behind it, the necessity for art diversity, both as talent and gallery owners, and why everyone should have access and the opportunity to share their self-expression!

For More Information about Lewis Long and Long Gallery Harlem:

Instagram: LongGallery

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Episode 41: “Timeless Tailoring” with Miguel Antoinne

Fit, proportion to scale, fine lines, exquisite fabrics, enduring colors and craftsmanship are all hallmarks of his collections! Miguel Antoinne is one of the fashion industry’s leading voices and curators of distinctive menswear! He opened his first clothing boutique in 2012 in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan where he and his design team also work on his timeless and forward-thinking collections. Join Charlie Lewis for this rare opportunity to hear from a leading fashion designer about his inspirational career, how technology and positive people give balance to your life and career, how he designs eight collections a year, and manages three brands and a technical studio in Hong Kong. Miguel Antoinne is a timeless tailor and designer who you should know and wear!

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For More Information about Miguel Antoinne:

Instagram: miguelantoinne and miguel_newyork
Facebook: miguelantoinne


Episode 40: “Native Son” w/ Guest Emil Wilbekin

From VibeMagazine to Complex, AOL Black Voices, and Essence, Emil Wilbekin is one of the world’s most insightful and impactful journalists! For decades, Wilbekin has been on the forefront of lending his voice to social, political, economical and cultural issues that have shaped our nation and beyond, and his passion for helping the undeserved continues. Join Charlie Lewis for a riveting conversation about why your voice needs to be heard now more than ever, and how he’s using his personal experience to create a national movement that is positively changing the discussion and building relationships in the gay community with his Native Son!

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For More Information about Emil Wilbekin:
Instagram: emilwilbekin
Twitter: @EmilWilbekin

Episode 39: “Block By Block”

Building by building and block by block, Corcoran real estate broker Scotty Elyanow knows Manhattan and how to help people find the home of their dreams. With over 14 years experience, he’s made it his business to research and study when and which areas of NYC are the best investment. He also offers sage advice on following your passion and giving back to your community. Not only is he a fierce advocate for his clients, Elyanow is a dedicated volunteer for a non-profit that helps kids and teens with HIV.

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Episode 38: “KH Zines”

Emmy Award-winning television news journalist Kevin Harry has been at the forefront of some of our nation’s most compelling and intriguing stories. For decades, Harry has been the man behind the scripts, research, and production of a very well known syndicated television newsmagazine show. Join Charlie as they discuss the responsibility of embracing and promoting diverse staff and views, some of the most influential experiences and people of his career, and how his passion for “Zines” is creating a niche market that eclipses tradition. This is a must listen to episode that gives you an in-depth view of how journalism can set the tone for how we view ourselves and others!

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For More Information about Kevin Harry:
Instagram: mrkevinharry
Facebook: KH

Episode 37: “Talking SCHOP!”

Food and cooking shows are growing in popularity and a NYC entrepreneur makes you the center of your own culinary endeavors! Kysha Harris is founder and owner of SCHOP! LLC, a personalized food service that offers a la carte shopping, prepping, and cooking for busy urban professionals. Her client base is far reaching, including celebrities and titans of the financial sector, but everyone is treated like a star! Join Charlie Lewis for this captivating conversation that wets your appetite on how to embrace entrepreneurship, build a brand, and honor your passion!

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Episode 36: “Brand Builder”

When your first client is Jill Scott and you’re responsible for creating the successful mass marketing and public relations of her brand, you’re destined for greatness! Join Charlie Lewis for his exclusive interview with Chris Chambers of The Chamber Group. His boutique public relations firm is pushing the definition of and the boundaries of unique campaigns and strategic high-concept objectives for industry giants! Learn how he got his start, how he cultivates his connections, and how his firm harnesses pop culture.

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For More Information about Chris Chambers:

Twitter: @TheChamberGroup
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Facebook: Chamber Group



Episode 35: “Pay Attention To Your Pain”

So many people are not meeting their life’s expectations because they are not mentally fit. Psychiatrist Dr. Karinn Glover says we must identify our pain and/or challenges and actively seek therapy to assist us in improving our mental state so we can break the cycle. Join Charlie, as they discuss a number of topics including self-love, enriching the father and son bond, and when to seek the assistance of a psychiatrist.

For More Information about Dr. Karinn Glover:
Twitter: @DrKarinn
Facebook: Dr. Karinn Glover

Episode 34″ “Have Passport, Will Travel”

Have you ever wanted to turn your love for travel into a full-time profession? Don’t miss Charlie’s interview with Shea Peters who is a regular contributor to Bridal Magazine, Upscale and others! Peters offers tangible advice on where to travel to get the most bang for your buck, the best international destination you should add to your bucket list, and the secret to not standing in lines at the airport. To download the podcast:

For More Information about Shea Peters:
Twitter: @iamsheabutta
Instagram: iamsheabutta

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Episode 33: “Front Row On Broadway”

Broadway is becoming more diverse thanks to Alia Jones-Harvey! The Olivier Award Winning and Tony Nominated Producer is intentional about providing a multi-cultural experience for audiences. Join Charlie, as he has an inspirational conversation with her about the changing landscape of Broadway, how you can invest in the arts, and what she’s working on in the new season. I give you a front row seat with a Playbill that could someday have your name in the credits!

For more information on Alia Jones-Harvey:
Twitter: @AliaJHarvey
Instagram: AliaJHarvey

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Episode 32: “Ask Dr. Argie – Relationship Spring Cleaning”

Dr. Argie Allen is back with Charlie to help us all do a little spring cleaning when it comes to our relationships.

Episode 31: “Building Your Brand”

In this day and age, it’s not enough to just have an idea. It’s imperative that your business plan evolves over time and that you make the necessary adjustments along the way to stay relevant. Charlie Lewis has a riveting conversation with corporate veteran Adriane Keepler of Stella & Dot who shares her pilgrimage to success, how to rebrand yourself, and advice on how to harness relationships with other entrepreneurs to grow your business.

For more information:

FB: Adriane Keepler
Twitter: @AdrianeKeepler
IG: akeepler
LinkedIn: Adriane Keepler
Web: and

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Episode 30: “Designing For The Millenium”

She’s been behind some of the most celebrated interior designs for well-known personalities including Queen Latifah and Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs. Also, Courtney Sloane’s clients include some of the world’s biggest corporations like Sony Music, Disney and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Charlie Lewis has an inspirational conversation with Sloane about her rise to prominence, the entrepreneurial spirit, and how she’s giving back to the next generation of artisans. She says, “I want to make a difference and be a contribution in every way and every day.”

For more information:

Websites: and
Instagram: sloanesquare_nj
Facebook: sloanesquarenj
Contact: [email protected] and [email protected]
LinkedIn: Courtney Sloane
YouTube: Courtney Sloane Design

Episode 29: “Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is”

Businesswoman La Detra White is more than a successful communications marketing consultant — she has dedicated her life to serving others to see their entrepreneurial dreams not only come to fruition, but to thrive! She recently started the “Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is” project that encourages communities to support small businesses. Charlie Lewis talks with White about how she’s reached over four million people through the movement and her ambushes, which provide financial seeds for businesses to grow. She says everyone can be philanthropic by “looking for that one person who hasn’t had a come up!”

For More Information:

Instagram: @PuttingMyMoneyWhereMyHeartIs/
Facebook: La Detra White
LinkedIn: La Detra White

Episode 28: “Skin Is The Truth”

Esthetician, consultant and speaker Seven Brown believes not only are our eyes windows to our soul, but our “Skin is the Truth!” In other words, your skin tells the truth about the health of your entire body. Charlie Lewis has one of the most riveting conversations with Brown who shares the do’s and don’ts to have healthy skin and simple regimens to get you on the path to living a clean life. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you hold the key to beauty, which is inside of you. Brown, who owns Harlem Skin and Laser Clinic in NY, says, “Sometimes people just need a hug and not plastic surgery.”

For More Information:

Facebook: SevenBrown
Twitter: @SevenBrown
LinkedIn: Seven Brown
Instagram: SevenBrown

Episode 27: “Summer Oasis Festival”

Detroit is making a comeback and so is a nearby small waterfront enclave in Idlewild (Michigan), with a rich history of African-American ownership. Charlie Lewis has an inspiring conversation with Cedric McDougle whose love and work as a producer paved the way to create an enriching music festival that continues to grow and attract fans from around the country. McDougle says, “We can learn so much from the struggles and successes of our ancestors. I feel their spirits leading us to reclaim and maintain our presence in Idlewild. It’s our legacy. It’s our right. It’s our responsibility!”

For more information: 

Instagram: summeroasisfestival 

Facebook:  Summer Oasis and Cedric McDougle

Episode 26: “Committed to Love and Work”

The age-old advice to never mix business with pleasure is antiquated. The two can co-exist when there’s a strong commitment to nurture both relationships. Charlie Lewis has a candid conversation with artist Cheryl R. Riley and designer Courtney Sloane who believe the key to their success is having a small village of supporters who want to see them happy and hold them accountable. When it comes to their partnership of love and work, Riley says, “We had to learn that neither of us had to be the boss.”

For more information:

Websites: and;

Facebook: sloanesquarenj

Instagram: sloanesquare_nj; CherylRRiley

YouTube: Courtney Sloane Design

LinkedIn: Courtney Sloane

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Episode 25: “Valentine’s Day is 365!”

You deserve that special feeling of “extra” love every day of the year and not just on Valentines’s Day! To achieve that goal, our resident therapist and counselor Dr. Argie Allen says we must achieve true intimacy with our partner, nurture the relationship emotionally, spiritually and physically, and commit to the ABC’s – affirmation, benevolence and compromise. Allen says, “If you don’t feed your relationship, it will die.”
Join Charlie for this riveting conversation to help you get the love you want and deserve all 365 days of the year.

For More Information:


Social Media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn: @AskDrArgie

Telephone: 315-789-6999

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Episode 24: “A Day In The Life of Riley”

Patrick L. Riley is best known for his work as a freelance, senior field producer at “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for over 13 years. He now consults with The Oprah Winfrey Network, The Wendy Williams Show, Pickler & Ben, BET Creative Services and NBCBLK. He also created the highly successful NBC Universal campaign “The More You Know.” Charlie has an inspiring and fun conversation with Riley about his personal and professional pilgrimage and how inspirational women influenced his life along the way. Riley says, “Oprah told me I can be anything, even from my wildest dreams!”

For More Information:
Facebook: patrick.l.riley
Twitter: @patarack
Instagram: patrick.riley08
YouTube: :



Episode 23: “Art of The Matter”

If you travel through the Atlanta, Georgia airport, you’ve likely seen an art installation by Cheryl R. Riley. She is currently working on two sculpture series dealing with aspiration, transcendence, staging and representation. She has a riveting conversation with Charlie about her pilgrimage in the art world that’s embraced her projects in San Francisco, New York and beyond. This renowned artist, who’s also been featured at the Smithsonian, is intentional about using art to highlight disparate cultural experiences to enrich people’s lives.

For More Information:
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: CherylRRiley

Episode 22: “Leaving A Legacy”

It may be a difficult conversation, but it’s very important to take the time to plan for your death. I know it sounds morbid but having a will and trust is vital to ensure your wishes are not left up to someone else, or the state in which you live. Chicago attorney Gina Smith, in very simple terms, explains the step-by-step process to initiate a, “Family Protection Plan”.

This is an enlightening conversation that breaks down preconceived ideas about what many people believe is just for the wealthy. Everyone, regardless of age or socio-economic background, can give the gift of financial peace so you’re not a burden to your family when you leave this earth. This is your opportunity to leave a financial legacy that lives on!

For more information:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 312.868.0781
Instagram: jamiilaw

Episode 21: “It’s Showtime At The Apollo!”

The Apollo Theater is one of the world’s most renowned and celebrated entertainment venues where African-American artists performed and became legends! It’s a top tourist destination in Harlem, New York where the history of the past is honored and the tradition of highlighting exceptional talent continues for generations to come. Charlie has an inspirational conversation with the theater’s Executive Director, Kamilah Forbes, who shares her vision to further celebrate the educational and social impact of this iconic institution with the intentional mission to reflect the issues of the black community. Forbes says, “When people come to The Apollo, we say ‘Welcome Home.'”

For More Information:
Twitter: @ApolloTheater
Twitter: @kamilahf
Instagram: Kamilahf
LinkedIn: Kamilah Forbes

Episode 20: “Is Your Home AphroChic?”

Charlie introduces you to a husband and wife team who are changing the game of interior design!
Bryan Mason and Jeanine Hays have built a home décor empire, AphroChic, which was born out of the lack of accessories and furniture that reflected their culture. The commercial interior design firm focuses on blending modern décor with global culture to create comfortable spaces that tell a story. Their vision and creativity have been applauded worldwide, garnering a new show for HGTV’s Facebook Sneak Peek and partnering with brands including IKEA, The Home Depot and LOWE’s. You’ll be inspired by this conversation that’s all about celebrating your heritage and allowing your home to express your true being. Hays says, “Black Homes Matter.”

For more information:
Twitter: @AphroChic
Facebook: AphroChic
Instagram: AphroChic
Pinterest: AphroChic

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Episode 19: “Head and Heart Philanthropy”

There are thousands of people with phenomenal ideas, programs and business opportunities, but they lack access and capital to witness the full potential of their dreams. Charlie has a powerful conversation with Christal Jackson, one of the nation’s most successful and honored entrepreneurs, who’s created a marketplace for multi-million dollar initiatives that help solve complicated social issues. She says, “My life’s purpose is creating legacy for our people.”

For more information:

Instagram: cmonayj
Facebook: Christal M. Jackson
Twitter: @christaljackson

Episode 18: “Receiving The Gift of Listening”

Life can be challenging and sometimes we need an objective person to help us navigate through the ups and downs. Mental health therapist and life coach Rana Walker offers tips to help you find the right therapist, the use of apps, and programs that help heal your mind, body and spirit. Charlie has an insightful conversation with Walker that lifts the stigma of therapy so that we’re open to be heard, validated and victorious!

For more information:
LinkedIn – Rana Walker
Twitter – @TheRanaWalker
Instagram – rana_walker

Episode 17: “Don’t Defer Your Dreams”

Are you still searching for your purpose in life? Do you have a passion that has gone unfulfilled? Charlie has a riveting conversation with therapist and counselor Dr. Argie Allen who shares how to let go of the fear of failure so that your divine and appointed life’s ministry comes to fruition. She says, “You have everything you need. If God gave you the vision, He has the provision.” Now, it’s your turn to walk in faith!
#CelebrateLife #LoveTheWayYouLive

For More Information:
Twitter: @DrArgie

Episode 16: “You Gotta’ Move”

From Wall Street to wellness expert, Tony Laurent helps people build a wealth of healthy habits from the use of strategic exercises and nutritional education. The founder and CEO of Muscle and Bone NYC, a fitness and apparel company, shares the good versus bad proteins, the best and worse carbohydrates, and how to integrate exercise into your life. Charlie also shares his own pilgrimage to a more healthy and balanced lifestyle that has improved both his physical and mental stamina. In this new year, make a resolution to evolve into a new and better you!
#CelebrateLife #LoveTheWayYouLive

For more information:
LinkedIn: Tony Laurent
Instagram: muscle_and_bone_nyc
Instagram (for gear): muscleandbonenycgear
Facebook: Muscle and Bone NYC
Twitter: Muscle_and_bonenyc

Episode 15: “Secrets to a Remarkable Life”

Are you looking to “do life” differently in 2018? Charlie has an insightful conversation with author Erika Walker about unlocking the seven secrets to a remarkable life.
Her book “A Woman’s Vault” is for everyone who’s seeking to live with more intentionality and deliberately create and actualize your personal and professional goals.
The foundation to love the way you live starts with self-love!

For More Information:

Erika Walker, CEO
The Walker Thomas Group

Twitter:  @ErikaWThomas

Instagram:  erikafragrant

LinkedIn: ErikaWalker

Director, LATAM Business School – Washington, DC and Chicago

Episode 14: “Extraordinary Travel – Personally Designed”

Giving someone, or even yourself, the gift of traveling outside of your borders is an enriching experience. While technology gives customers a chance to DIY, specialized agents, like Gai Spann, are still necessary to assist you beyond booking your flight and hotel. She creates unique memories that last a lifetime! Charlie introduces you to this self-described travel “artist” who creates masterpiece itineraries for individuals and groups in destinations that span the globe. From Mediterranean river cruises to yachting in Croatia, experiencing the most distinctive and compelling excursions that fit any need, pocketbook and lifestyle, will have you living your life like your golden!

For more information Spanning the Globe Tours:

Twitter: @STGTOURS

Telephone Number: 844.784.8687

Episode 13: “Count on Cannabis”

It may be a controversial topic but the cannabis industry is burgeoning and expert Gia Moron wants to make sure that “Women Grow” in the field with the necessary education, technology and other tools to become a thriving entrepreneur. Charlie and Gia have a lively discussion about the stigma, medicinal use, trends and how to position yourself to get licensed as an official cultivator. It may be a departure from conventional business enterprises, but Moron says, “It’s slated to be an over 50 billion-dollars a year industry by 2026.” How much of that money will you earn from the fastest-growing industry in America?

For more information:
Facebook: GVM Communications, Inc.
Twitter: @Gia_Vm
IG: gia_vm | gvmcommunicationspr

Episode 12: “enJoie Wine and Life – In Style!”

A cocktail or a glass of wine can set the tone for a good time or dinner, but people are sometimes afraid to order their “spirit” because they feel as if they’re uneducated about this perceived “high post” experience. Judia Black, a certified sommelier, dispels the myths and offers tips to increase your wine game. From the ABC’s (Anything But Chardonnay) to wine pairings for your meals, Charlie has a riveting discussion to help you make the right choice “in the aisle of many.”

For more information:

Facebook: enjoielife  

Twitter: @enjoielife

Instagram: enjoielife

Snapchat: enjoielife

Pinterest: @enjoielife

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Episode 11: “Curated Experiences”

Charlie believes life is full when your experiences are outside of you own boundaries and he loves to share gifts that speak to the full diaspora abroad. One of his favorite go-to shops is NiLu in Harlem where the owner Katrina Parris is intentional about selling unique and purposeful brands made by artists and makers in Harlem and around the world. From Peruvian chocolate to vegan body butter, to letterpress greeting cards, there is something for everyone. Most importantly, Parris relishes in deliberately supporting the dreams of other entrepreneurs!
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Twitter: @shopnilu
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Episode 10: “Be The Author of Your Own Life!”

Charlie talks with Nathan Hale Williams, an award-winning filmmaker, author and entertainment attorney about how every step he’s taken in life helped him find his purpose. The former Essence Magazine advice columnist of “The Girl’s Best Friend,” shares his story of faith, focus and never accepting failure.
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Episode 9: Styling with TracyChambers Vintage

When it comes to style, there’s one NYC mompreneuer who’s helping women maintain the classy and chic look of generations gone by. The 80’s are back and Helen Nurse curates and sells timeless fashions and accessories from her Brownstone basement boutique and online. She discusses with Charlie how her passion for unique items turned into a business that empowers women to be authentic and embrace their individuality and power, as inspired by the movie “Mahogany” starring singer and fashion icon Diana Ross.


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Episode 8: “Experience: Harlem”

If you didn’t know, Harlem, NY has always been hot and now everyone is flocking uptown to experience the third most visited area on the island. Charlie has a lively discussion with Angie Hancock, who’s the founder of Experience Harlem – the premiere resource for shopping, dining, arts and culture year round. Learn about the hidden gems for a good cocktail, music and art festivals and what Charlie calls, “Conscious Capitalism”. Harlem is more than The Apollo – it’s a cultural melting pot and the heart and soul of America!

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Twitter:  @xperienceharlem

Facebook: experience: harlem

Episode 7: “Been Around The World”

Charlie speaks with wanderlust-filled traveler Yolanda Carroll who lives by the mantra: “I work to live, not live to work.” After visiting 6 continents and 66 countries, Carroll shares her travel do’s & don’ts, favorite destinations abroad, nude beaches, solo versus group travel and more! So get your passport ready and learn from a travel expert on how to make your next trip hassle-free and full of great memories!

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Episode 6: “Cooking for the Soul”

Charlie introduces you to a culinary concept that is taking Harlem, New York by storm. The 12-seat restaurant Belle Harlem is the ultimate “Chef’s table” experience. Owners, Chef Darryl and Melissa Burnett discuss their vision, share holiday cooking tips and a recipe that will make you the most popular person in your home!

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Episode 5: “Harnessing Healthy Relationships” with Dr. Argie Allen Wilson

To fully love the way you live you must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Charlie has a candid conversation with therapist and counselor Dr. Argie Allen Wilson who sets the foundation for self-reflection so you’re prepared to intentionally invite positive relationships into your life… especially during the holidays. #LTWYL




Episode 4: “Love The Way You STYLE”

Make no mistake, Charlie has a great eye for everything that’s hot! From interior design to fashion and art, his visual senses are always on the cutting edge. He’s not trendy. He’s a classic man!

So get ready for all things that will help you… “Love the Way You STYLE”!

Episode 3: “Love The Way You DINE”

Are you a foodie? Charlie loves the way he dines at home in NY and abroad. Charlie gets personal about his southern culinary upbringing and shares some of his favorite places to get an authentic meal, the up and coming bars for a great cocktail and how chefs around the world are changing the game about how you cook at home! Get ready for the journey towards learning how to…

Love The Way You DINE!

Episode 2: “Love The Way You TRAVEL”

Charlie is a worldwide traveler and shares his pros and cons for exploring near and far in this introductory primer that gets you ready for future podcasts about all things travel-related, and most importantly learning to… “Love the Way You Travel”!

Episode 1: “Love The Way You LIVE”

Charlie believes life is not just about pleasing your senses, but also being a complete and whole person to intentionally enjoy life. In this episode, he reinforces the purpose of the podcast and how investing in our physical, social, and mental wellness lay the foundation to healthy relationships that soothe your soul, and help you… Love The Way You Live!

Episode 0: “Who Is Charlie Lewis?”

Charlie takes you on an intimate journey of his life, both personal and professional, and how he was destined for this moment to share his experiences to help you Love the Way You Live!