Have Dinner Inside a ‘Volcano’ at This New Immersive Restaurant and Bar

Journey, which had a soft opening this week at its Madison Square Park location at 27 West 24th Street, is a celebration of travel and the connections we make with people on our…well, journeys. 

Opening today, the 50-seat, ticketed experience Journey Odyssey creates a multisensory dinner experience at tables for two and four.

Each dish corresponded to a setting—Amazonian greens (a salad made with Yuca, tocacho, hearts of palm, Cupaucu vinaigrette) in the rainforest; gin-cured arctic salmon (with cucumber, horseradish, apple and dill) at the Artic; black cod (with miyoga, bok choy and yuzu dashi glaze) under the sea; braised veal cheek (with forbidden rice risotto, harissa and marscapone); and raspberry mousse with chocolate gelato (almond texture, cardamom foam and Grand Marnier) in space. Plus an appetizer in Tokyo, the first course in Venice, and the entrée in Buenos Aires.

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