Episode 18: “Receiving The Gift of Listening”

Life can be challenging and sometimes we need an objective person to help us navigate through the ups and downs. Mental health therapist and life coach Rana Walker offers tips to help you find the right therapist, the use of apps, and programs that help heal your mind, body and spirit. Charlie has an insightful conversation with Walker that lifts the stigma of therapy so that we’re open to be heard, validated and victorious!

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LinkedIn – Rana Walker
Twitter – @TheRanaWalker
Instagram – rana_walker

Episode 17: “Don’t Defer Your Dreams”

Are you still searching for your purpose in life? Do you have a passion that has gone unfulfilled? Charlie has a riveting conversation with therapist and counselor Dr. Argie Allen who shares how to let go of the fear of failure so that your divine and appointed life’s ministry comes to fruition. She says, “You have everything you need. If God gave you the vision, He has the provision.” Now, it’s your turn to walk in faith!
#CelebrateLife #LoveTheWayYouLive

For More Information:
Web: www.drargieconnects.com
Twitter: @DrArgie

Episode 16: “You Gotta’ Move”

From Wall Street to wellness expert, Tony Laurent helps people build a wealth of healthy habits from the use of strategic exercises and nutritional education. The founder and CEO of Muscle and Bone NYC, a fitness and apparel company, shares the good versus bad proteins, the best and worse carbohydrates, and how to integrate exercise into your life. Charlie also shares his own pilgrimage to a more healthy and balanced lifestyle that has improved both his physical and mental stamina. In this new year, make a resolution to evolve into a new and better you!
#CelebrateLife #LoveTheWayYouLive

For more information:
Website: www.muscleandbonenyc.com.
LinkedIn: Tony Laurent
Instagram: muscle_and_bone_nyc
Instagram (for gear): muscleandbonenycgear
Facebook: Muscle and Bone NYC
Twitter: Muscle_and_bonenyc

Episode 15: “Secrets to a Remarkable Life”

Are you looking to “do life” differently in 2018? Charlie has an insightful conversation with author Erika Walker about unlocking the seven secrets to a remarkable life.
Her book “A Woman’s Vault” is for everyone who’s seeking to live with more intentionality and deliberately create and actualize your personal and professional goals.
The foundation to love the way you live starts with self-love!

For More Information:

Erika Walker, CEO
The Walker Thomas Group

Twitter:  @ErikaWThomas

Instagram:  erikafragrant

LinkedIn: ErikaWalker

Director, LATAM Business School – Washington, DC and Chicago

Episode 14: “Extraordinary Travel – Personally Designed”

Giving someone, or even yourself, the gift of traveling outside of your borders is an enriching experience. While technology gives customers a chance to DIY, specialized agents, like Gai Spann, are still necessary to assist you beyond booking your flight and hotel. She creates unique memories that last a lifetime! Charlie introduces you to this self-described travel “artist” who creates masterpiece itineraries for individuals and groups in destinations that span the globe. From Mediterranean river cruises to yachting in Croatia, experiencing the most distinctive and compelling excursions that fit any need, pocketbook and lifestyle, will have you living your life like your golden!

For more information Spanning the Globe Tours:
Website: www.stgtours.com

Twitter: @STGTOURS

Telephone Number: 844.784.8687

Episode 13: “Count on Cannabis”

It may be a controversial topic but the cannabis industry is burgeoning and expert Gia Moron wants to make sure that “Women Grow” in the field with the necessary education, technology and other tools to become a thriving entrepreneur. Charlie and Gia have a lively discussion about the stigma, medicinal use, trends and how to position yourself to get licensed as an official cultivator. It may be a departure from conventional business enterprises, but Moron says, “It’s slated to be an over 50 billion-dollars a year industry by 2026.” How much of that money will you earn from the fastest-growing industry in America?

For more information:
Website: www.womengrow.com
Facebook: GVM Communications, Inc.
Twitter: @Gia_Vm
IG: gia_vm | gvmcommunicationspr
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giamoron/

Episode 12: “enJoie Wine and Life – In Style!”

A cocktail or a glass of wine can set the tone for a good time or dinner, but people are sometimes afraid to order their “spirit” because they feel as if they’re uneducated about this perceived “high post” experience. Judia Black, a certified sommelier, dispels the myths and offers tips to increase your wine game. From the ABC’s (Anything But Chardonnay) to wine pairings for your meals, Charlie has a riveting discussion to help you make the right choice “in the aisle of many.”

For more information:

Facebook: enjoielife  

Twitter: @enjoielife

Instagram: enjoielife

Snapchat: enjoielife

Pinterest: @enjoielife

LinkedIn: Judia Elmore Black

Episode 11: “Curated Experiences”

Charlie believes life is full when your experiences are outside of you own boundaries and he loves to share gifts that speak to the full diaspora abroad. One of his favorite go-to shops is NiLu in Harlem where the owner Katrina Parris is intentional about selling unique and purposeful brands made by artists and makers in Harlem and around the world. From Peruvian chocolate to vegan body butter, to letterpress greeting cards, there is something for everyone. Most importantly, Parris relishes in deliberately supporting the dreams of other entrepreneurs!
#CelebrateLife #LoveTheWayYouLive

For more information about NiLu:
Website: www.shopnilu.com
Twitter: @shopnilu
Instagram: shopnilu (NiLu Harlem’s Gift Shop)

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Episode 10: “Be The Author of Your Own Life!”

Charlie talks with Nathan Hale Williams, an award-winning filmmaker, author and entertainment attorney about how every step he’s taken in life helped him find his purpose. The former Essence Magazine advice columnist of “The Girl’s Best Friend,” shares his story of faith, focus and never accepting failure.
#CelebrateLife #LoveTheWayYouLive

For more information:

Website:  www.NathanHaleWill.com

Facebook: NathanHaleWilliams 

Follow Nathan on Twitter: @NathanHWilliams

Episode 9: Styling with TracyChambers Vintage

When it comes to style, there’s one NYC mompreneuer who’s helping women maintain the classy and chic look of generations gone by. The 80’s are back and Helen Nurse curates and sells timeless fashions and accessories from her Brownstone basement boutique and online. She discusses with Charlie how her passion for unique items turned into a business that empowers women to be authentic and embrace their individuality and power, as inspired by the movie “Mahogany” starring singer and fashion icon Diana Ross.

Website: tracychambersvintage.com

Instagram: @tracychambersvintage

Facebook: TracyChambersVintage


Episode 8: “Experience: Harlem”

If you didn’t know, Harlem, NY has always been hot and now everyone is flocking uptown to experience the third most visited area on the island. Charlie has a lively discussion with Angie Hancock, who’s the founder of Experience Harlem – the premiere resource for shopping, dining, arts and culture year round. Learn about the hidden gems for a good cocktail, music and art festivals and what Charlie calls, “Conscious Capitalism”. Harlem is more than The Apollo – it’s a cultural melting pot and the heart and soul of America!

#CelebrateLife #LoveTheWayYouLive

Website: experienceharlem.com

Twitter:  @xperienceharlem

Facebook: experience: harlem

Episode 7: “Been Around The World”

Charlie speaks with wanderlust-filled traveler Yolanda Carroll who lives by the mantra: “I work to live, not live to work.” After visiting 6 continents and 66 countries, Carroll shares her travel do’s & don’ts, favorite destinations abroad, nude beaches, solo versus group travel and more! So get your passport ready and learn from a travel expert on how to make your next trip hassle-free and full of great memories!

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Episode 6: “Cooking for the Soul”

Charlie introduces you to a culinary concept that is taking Harlem, New York by storm. The 12-seat restaurant Belle Harlem is the ultimate “Chef’s table” experience. Owners, Chef Darryl and Melissa Burnett discuss their vision, share holiday cooking tips and a recipe that will make you the most popular person in your home!

#LoveTheWayYouDine #LoveTheWayYouLive

Reservations for Belle Harlem can be made at the website: www.belleharlem.com.



Episode 5: “Harnessing Healthy Relationships” with Dr. Argie Allen Wilson

To fully love the way you live you must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Charlie has a candid conversation with therapist and counselor Dr. Argie Allen Wilson who sets the foundation for self-reflection so you’re prepared to intentionally invite positive relationships into your life… especially during the holidays. #LTWYL






Episode 4: “Love The Way You STYLE”

Make no mistake, Charlie has a great eye for everything that’s hot! From interior design to fashion and art, his visual senses are always on the cutting edge. He’s not trendy. He’s a classic man!

So get ready for all things that will help you… “Love the Way You STYLE”!

Episode 3: “Love The Way You DINE”

Are you a foodie? Charlie loves the way he dines at home in NY and abroad. Charlie gets personal about his southern culinary upbringing and shares some of his favorite places to get an authentic meal, the up and coming bars for a great cocktail and how chefs around the world are changing the game about how you cook at home! Get ready for the journey towards learning how to…

Love The Way You DINE!

Episode 2: “Love The Way You TRAVEL”

Charlie is a worldwide traveler and shares his pros and cons for exploring near and far in this introductory primer that gets you ready for future podcasts about all things travel-related, and most importantly learning to… “Love the Way You Travel”!

Episode 1: “Love The Way You LIVE”

Charlie believes life is not just about pleasing your senses, but also being a complete and whole person to intentionally enjoy life. In this episode, he reinforces the purpose of the podcast and how investing in our physical, social, and mental wellness lay the foundation to healthy relationships that soothe your soul, and help you… Love The Way You Live!

Episode 0: “Who Is Charlie Lewis?”

Charlie takes you on an intimate journey of his life, both personal and professional, and how he was destined for this moment to share his experiences to help you Love the Way You Live!