Open Market NYC

OpenMarketNYC is a weekend-long celebration highlighting the district’s diversity of businesses with free events, exclusive tours, public art, in-store activities, installations and shopping discounts.  Enjoy the savings for the latest in fashion/design, arts/culture, technology, and food/hospitality. With this festival, the Meatpacking District is an open market for all to enjoy.

Every neighborhood is starting to create their own festival.  I love the fact that they have included art, culture, wellness, guided tours, and not-overpriced-celebrity-chef meals like some of the others – it appears to be more inclusive.  If it can maintain this model, it will be a great addition to the NYC festival scene.

On weekends, most New Yorkers want to stay away from the Meat Packing District because of the tourists and ‘bridge and tunnel’ crowd.  But OpenMarketNYC might just be one weekend where it’s worth braving the crowds to see what’s happening.  The artist Santigold kicks off the event on Thursday night.  Get your tickets at

Meatpacking District
West 14th Street
Oct 1-4, 2015

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