It’s a Thing: Wallpaper That Looks Like a Sunrise (or Sunset)

If you enjoy the otherworldly calm (and to-die-for color schemes) that come with early mornings and dusky evenings, we’ve got a decorating trend for you: ombré wallpaper. The design of these panels is straightforward: a vertical gradation between two distinct hues. But just like real sunrises and sunsets, the effect of ombré wallpaper in a room is more than the sum of those parts—and more enduring, even classic, than just a passing trend. Greens fade into peaches.

A crisp white sky emerges from a watery blue ground. On the walls of a room, ombré wallpapers completely transport (you go a little bit still just looking at them). And while wallpaper can do many miraculous things, we actually most prefer this look with a layer of subtlety: bold ombré in a small foyer or powder room (like this orange-to-purple bit of glory from GRT Architects), or barely-noticeable ombré all over a bedroom’s walls (like the pale pink fade that’s actually painted on the walls of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli’s California bungalow).

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