Brand Spotlight: NiLu, Harlem Gift Shop Experience

“Featured on the Love the Way You Live Podcast with Charlie Lewis on Episode 11 (Click here.)”

By: Tamera Darden

NiLu (Ny-Loo), a Gift Shop Experience in Harlem, is a true manifestation of love for store owner Katrina Pinn. She’s a business savvy woman who already had a successful business under her belt. Before NiLu, she was the founder and store owner of Katrina Paris Flowers. With observations and case studies from Katrina Paris Flowers, she embarked in developing and opening NiLu Gift Shop. The name is a blend of her two sons’ names, Nigel and Luke (both creative in their own right). Using study groups, observing the trends of Harlem and her instinct, she has curated a smart mix of gift giving items for everyone. Continue reading for more insights from this amazing, Howard woman (note, she did not graduate from HU, but neither did Diddy and we still claim him).

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