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Charlie introduces you to a culinary concept that is taking Harlem, New York by storm. The 12-seat restaurant Belle Harlem is the ultimate “Chef’s table” experience. Owners, Chef Darryl and Melissa Burnett discuss their vision, share holiday cooking tips and a recipe that will make you the most popular person in your home! #LoveTheWayYouDine #LoveTheWayYouLive […]

Harlem is currently the only neighborhood in Manhattan that is vibing on a higher frequency than any other neighborhood in the city. While the neighborhood is evolving, it has not been gentrified to the point that its connection to the past is completely erased like some other neighborhoods [read: Meatpacking District]. The improvement in services and the addition of new housing stock is unique for a changing neighborhood, in the sense that the core housing stock (the illustrious Harlem brownstones) are a key and identifiable differentiator from most other neighborhoods in the city. Today, the face of Harlem consists of brownstones, condos, coops and HDFC-mixed properties. This lends itself to a diverse group of people from all walks of life that give meaning to this city being a true melting point.

When it comes to style, Harlem is definitely the place to go to see fashion forward people who don’t let the mainstream and norm define who they are, or how they dress. If anyone knows this, it’s the innovative proprietor of Harlem’s bespoke hat shop FlameKeepers, Marc Williams, who came to Harlem two years ago with that insight in mind.  A hat lover, Marc decided to open his shop in lower Harlem, after spending years working downtown. What he found living and hanging out in in Harlem was that the the energy in the streets infused every part of life and style — thus Flamekeepers was born. It allowed him to ‘keep the flame’ alive of style and swagger he loved so much about the place he called home.

The Cecil has been voted one of the top 20 restaurants in the city. This is where African- and Asian-Americans meet. Alexander Smalls, the executive chef and celebrity chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson, the resident chef, are curating flavors that you won’t find – or enjoy – anywhere else in the city. This is what makes this place stand out the most. On October 2nd, come by The Cecil to catch the magical pairing of Chef JJ Johnson and Chef Pedro Alcor for Puerto Rico Meets NYC. See details.

The Cecil
210 West 118th Street