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In this age where social media can make or brake your brand, the foundation always begins with a media savvy professional who knows how to successfully create a holistic campaign! Angela Renee Coakley has been doing that for decades working with companies and artists like Pepsi, Lipton and John Legend. This manager and producer is […]

Not all artists are given the opportunity to showcase their work, but Lewis Long is changing the gallery landscape as owner of Long Gallery Harlem. Since 2012, he has presented 25 exhibitions with nearly 70 artists — and growing! By providing an opportunity for artists to showcase their talent, other doors are opening for them, […]

Fit, proportion to scale, fine lines, exquisite fabrics, enduring colors and craftsmanship are all hallmarks of his collections! Miguel Antoinne is one of the fashion industry’s leading voices and curators of distinctive menswear! He opened his first clothing boutique in 2012 in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan where he and his design team also work […]

From VibeMagazine to Complex, AOL Black Voices, and Essence, Emil Wilbekin is one of the world’s most insightful and impactful journalists! For decades, Wilbekin has been on the forefront of lending his voice to social, political, economical and cultural issues that have shaped our nation and beyond, and his passion for helping the undeserved continues. […]

Building by building and block by block, Corcoran real estate broker Scotty Elyanow knows Manhattan and how to help people find the home of their dreams. With over 14 years experience, he’s made it his business to research and study when and which areas of NYC are the best investment. He also offers sage advice […]

Emmy Award-winning television news journalist Kevin Harry has been at the forefront of some of our nation’s most compelling and intriguing stories. For decades, Harry has been the man behind the scripts, research, and production of a very well known syndicated television newsmagazine show. Join Charlie as they discuss the responsibility of embracing and promoting […]

Food and cooking shows are growing in popularity and a NYC entrepreneur makes you the center of your own culinary endeavors! Kysha Harris is founder and owner of SCHOP! LLC, a personalized food service that offers a la carte shopping, prepping, and cooking for busy urban professionals. Her client base is far reaching, including celebrities […]

When your first client is Jill Scott and you’re responsible for creating the successful mass marketing and public relations of her brand, you’re destined for greatness! Join Charlie Lewis for his exclusive interview with Chris Chambers of The Chamber Group. His boutique public relations firm is pushing the definition of and the boundaries of unique […]

So many people are not meeting their life’s expectations because they are not mentally fit. Psychiatrist Dr. Karinn Glover says we must identify our pain and/or challenges and actively seek therapy to assist us in improving our mental state so we can break the cycle. Join Charlie, as they discuss a number of topics including […]

Have you ever wanted to turn your love for travel into a full-time profession? Don’t miss Charlie’s interview with Shea Peters who is a regular contributor to Bridal Magazine, Upscale and others! Peters offers tangible advice on where to travel to get the most bang for your buck, the best international destination you should add […]