Episode 41: “Timeless Tailoring” with Miguel Antoinne

Fit, proportion to scale, fine lines, exquisite fabrics, enduring colors and craftsmanship are all hallmarks of his collections! Miguel Antoinne is one of the fashion industry’s leading voices and curators of distinctive menswear! He opened his first clothing boutique in 2012 in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan where he and his design team also work on his timeless and forward-thinking collections. Join Charlie Lewis for this rare opportunity to hear from a leading fashion designer about his inspirational career, how technology and positive people give balance to your life and career, how he designs eight collections a year, and manages three brands and a technical studio in Hong Kong. Miguel Antoinne is a timeless tailor and designer who you should know and wear!

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For More Information about Miguel Antoinne:

Web: www.miguelantoinne.com
Instagram: miguelantoinne and miguel_newyork
Facebook: miguelantoinne