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By Travel Noire Traveling alone has many benefits and rewards. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want without the fear of inconveniencing… well, yourself. But there is something about traveling with a companion or a close group of friends that can make a trip even more memorable. Being in a foreign place […]

By Tausha Cowan “I want to travel more!” Sound familiar? With a new year just weeks away, you’ll find yourself in good company if a desire to travel is on your agenda for 2018. The reality is that sometimes these resolutions are easier said than done. There are kids, bills, work, family obligations and a […]

Writer Monet Hambrick shows you how to kid-proof your next family adventure at the airport

by Monet Hambrick

By now, I hope you have been inspired to take a trip with your kids after reading 5 Good Things You Will Experience When Traveling With Children and learned 7 Ways To Plan An Affordable Family Vacation. Now here are some basic tips on surviving your the airport with kid(s) in tow.

Documents Needed For Check-In

Before you head to the ticket counter to check in make sure you have the proper documentation for your children.

Domestic Flights: For unpaid lap infants you will need to carry proof of age in the form of a birth certificate, immunization records, or passport. I personally have never been asked to show it but I have seen firsthand a father, who didn’t have proof of age, denied boarding for his flight unless he paid for a seat for his daughter. Buying a ticket at the gate is no small fee so better to be safe than sorry.

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