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It may be a difficult conversation, but it’s very important to take the time to plan for your death. I know it sounds morbid but having a will and trust is vital to ensure your wishes are not left up to someone else, or the state in which you live. Chicago attorney Gina Smith, in […]

The Apollo Theater is one of the world’s most renowned and celebrated entertainment venues where African-American artists performed and became legends! It’s a top tourist destination in Harlem, New York where the history of the past is honored and the tradition of highlighting exceptional talent continues for generations to come. Charlie has an inspirational conversation […]

Charlie introduces you to a husband and wife team who are changing the game of interior design! Bryan Mason and Jeanine Hays have built a home décor empire, AphroChic, which was born out of the lack of accessories and furniture that reflected their culture. The commercial interior design firm focuses on blending modern décor with […]

There are thousands of people with phenomenal ideas, programs and business opportunities, but they lack access and capital to witness the full potential of their dreams. Charlie has a powerful conversation with Christal Jackson, one of the nation’s most successful and honored entrepreneurs, who’s created a marketplace for multi-million dollar initiatives that help solve complicated […]

Life can be challenging and sometimes we need an objective person to help us navigate through the ups and downs. Mental health therapist and life coach Rana Walker offers tips to help you find the right therapist, the use of apps, and programs that help heal your mind, body and spirit. Charlie has an insightful […]

Are you still searching for your purpose in life? Do you have a passion that has gone unfulfilled? Charlie has a riveting conversation with therapist and counselor Dr. Argie Allen who shares how to let go of the fear of failure so that your divine and appointed life’s ministry comes to fruition. She says, “You […]

From Wall Street to wellness expert, Tony Laurent helps people build a wealth of healthy habits from the use of strategic exercises and nutritional education. The founder and CEO of Muscle and Bone NYC, a fitness and apparel company, shares the good versus bad proteins, the best and worse carbohydrates, and how to integrate exercise […]

Are you looking to “do life” differently in 2018? Charlie has an insightful conversation with author Erika Walker about unlocking the seven secrets to a remarkable life. Her book “A Woman’s Vault” is for everyone who’s seeking to live with more intentionality and deliberately create and actualize your personal and professional goals. The foundation to […]

Giving someone, or even yourself, the gift of traveling outside of your borders is an enriching experience. While technology gives customers a chance to DIY, specialized agents, like Gai Spann, are still necessary to assist you beyond booking your flight and hotel. She creates unique memories that last a lifetime! Charlie introduces you to this […]

It may be a controversial topic but the cannabis industry is burgeoning and expert Gia Moron wants to make sure that “Women Grow” in the field with the necessary education, technology and other tools to become a thriving entrepreneur. Charlie and Gia have a lively discussion about the stigma, medicinal use, trends and how to […]