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“Featured on the Love the Way You Live Podcast with Charlie Lewis on Episode 11 (Click here.)”

By: Tamera Darden

NiLu (Ny-Loo), a Gift Shop Experience in Harlem, is a true manifestation of love for store owner Katrina Pinn. She’s a business savvy woman who already had a successful business under her belt. Before NiLu, she was the founder and store owner of Katrina Paris Flowers. With observations and case studies from Katrina Paris Flowers, she embarked in developing and opening NiLu Gift Shop. The name is a blend of her two sons’ names, Nigel and Luke (both creative in their own right). Using study groups, observing the trends of Harlem and her instinct, she has curated a smart mix of gift giving items for everyone. Continue reading for more insights from this amazing, Howard woman (note, she did not graduate from HU, but neither did Diddy and we still claim him).

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“Featured on the Love the Way You Live Podcast with Charlie Lewis on Episode 9 (Click here.)” By: Helen Nurse So I loooove to eat like many of you and while I am not a glutton, I am not at all shy about putting in work on any given holiday that centers around food. However, sometimes […]

“Featured on the Love the Way You Live Podcast with Charlie Lewis on Episode 9 (Click here.)”

By: Michael Smith

Many a woman working from home soon finds her professional life elbowing in on her dining room. Rare, though, is the entrepreneur that converts her dining room into a retail space, sets regular business hours, and opens up her home to the public. Meet Helen Nurse, founder and proprietress of New York’s TracyChambers Vintage: determined, creative, and—yes—rare.

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There are myriad changes sweeping the fashion media landscape right now, not least of which are the top editors announcing their departures from the magazines they’ve led for decades. For publications bringing in new editorial talent (including Vanity FairGlamour and Elle), these exits and eventual appointments signify a new era for the respective titles and the environment in which they play a part. But no publication has drummed up more excitement than British Vogue, which, in April, announced that Edward Enninful was set to replace longtime Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman, effective in August.

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If you enjoy the otherworldly calm (and to-die-for color schemes) that come with early mornings and dusky evenings, we’ve got a decorating trend for you: ombré wallpaper. The design of these panels is straightforward: a vertical gradation between two distinct hues. But just like real sunrises and sunsets, the effect of ombré wallpaper in a room is more than the sum of those parts—and more enduring, even classic, than just a passing trend. Greens fade into peaches.

A crisp white sky emerges from a watery blue ground. On the walls of a room, ombré wallpapers completely transport (you go a little bit still just looking at them). And while wallpaper can do many miraculous things, we actually most prefer this look with a layer of subtlety: bold ombré in a small foyer or powder room (like this orange-to-purple bit of glory from GRT Architects), or barely-noticeable ombré all over a bedroom’s walls (like the pale pink fade that’s actually painted on the walls of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli’s California bungalow).

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Some winter days, when you’re fighting through slush and sleet and old snowmelt, you need tough-as-nails, extra-waterproof, take-a-beating winter boots. We’ve covered those. But there’s another pair of boots you need for the rest of winter, too: for unseasonably-warm-but-still-dodging-some-snow-melt days, for days with just a hint of early-morning freezing rain, and for days when, despite the cold, you’ve got to step out for a lunch with Dave from accounting (who always insists on walking). And for those days, you need boots that will hold up to the elements and look dress-shoe-good with a suit.

Our four favorite pairs, gathered below, are tough enough to wear in just about any weather and they all pack a rubber sole that’ll make that schlep to your car, to the office, and to that lunch with Dave a bit more comfortable. And they fit neatly into classic boot categories—Chelsea, hiker, military, and brogue—meaning you could conceivably grab all four and wear them with everything you already own. The weather might suck. Your boots don’t have to.

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When it comes to style, these two are at the height of their game! Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason are creating spaces in homes that are electric. This Brooklyn based husband and wife team, collaborated with the team at Guildery to curate, mix, and match prints from AphroChic’s library of original artwork. The initial two […]

When it comes to style, Harlem is definitely the place to go to see fashion forward people who don’t let the mainstream and norm define who they are, or how they dress. If anyone knows this, it’s the innovative proprietor of Harlem’s bespoke hat shop FlameKeepers, Marc Williams, who came to Harlem two years ago with that insight in mind.  A hat lover, Marc decided to open his shop in lower Harlem, after spending years working downtown. What he found living and hanging out in in Harlem was that the the energy in the streets infused every part of life and style — thus Flamekeepers was born. It allowed him to ‘keep the flame’ alive of style and swagger he loved so much about the place he called home.

Established in 1999, before Fort Greene was the hot, No. 1 Brooklyn neighborhood it is today, YU Interiors was an inspirational outpost for building a home that reflected style and beauty. Ludlow Beckett, the shop’s founder, had a dream, so he left the corporate world and took charge of his life. With his preference for […]